Digital Investigation

Evidence Preservation

Our evidence preservation methodology provides an exact copy of any digital evidence and ensures that the authenticity and integrity of both the duplicate copy and the original data source is preserved.

Evidence Custody

As with any form of evidence, it is important to maintain a clear chain of custody to support that evidence has not been tampered with for admissibility. We can maintain custody of original data or duplicate copies of evidence in our evidence locker until it is no longer required.

Digital Investigation

Our certified experts conduct thorough investigations to uncover data which may be critically important as digital evidence. We adhere to the guidelines that govern the rules of evidence collection and use the highest rated industry standard tools in our investigations. Following these standards for eDiscovery ensures that our clients will be able to use the information we are able to collect in a legal setting.

Digital Evidence Presentation

Digital Forensics Solutions keeps a careful record of each step we take in our investigations. All detailed investigations are accompanied by a comprehensive report to support any evidence we uncover as well as the conclusions that we draw from that data. We can provide this report and the evidence addendums in a variety of formats to suit our client's needs.

Expert Witness Testimony

Should expert witness testimony be necessary to support the findings of our digital investigation, all of our investigators are highly trained, certified and prepared to take the witness stand.