Incident Response Services

If your organization has experienced a security breach it is imperative to contain the situation and ensure that you are prepared against further intrusion. Digital Forensics Solutions security response team is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.

Incident Response

Initial handling of network intrusion, employee misbehavior, theft of intellectual property, and other serious security breaches can make the difference between containment and catastrophe. By creating and implementing a sound incident response policy, a company ensures that it has taken due diligence in its preparations and management of these events.

Incident Preparedness

For organizations that do not currently have incident response policies and guidelines in place, Digital Forensics Solutions staff will work closely with the organization to develop these policies, and ensure that they are implemented. After the policies are documented, effective implementation often requires that a number of technically competent employees be trained in handling the situations in a way that is secure and does not destroy evidence. Entire response mechanisms can be rendered invalid if evidence of intrusion or tampering is handled in a way that does not preserve authenticity or integrity. If this occurs, not only will the results be based on faulty information, but the evidence will be unusable in a legal setting. Proper incident response policies and training will ensure that all evidence is preserved and that the effects of the breach will be minimized.

Incident Support

Sometimes after a security breach has taken place, and a comprehensive security plan is in place, there may still be a need for an independent third party opinion. This can occur if there is employee turnover, internal response teams are not available around the clock, if specialist skills are limited or for legal and compliance reasons. Digital Forensics Solutions is in a position to offer ongoing monitoring, independent advice and training on demand.