Data Recovery and Secure Deletion

Data Recovery

There are many common misconceptions about the ability to retrieve lost or deleted material. Whether a single document was accidentally deleted or an entire drive was reformatted, it is often possible for us to recover our clients' valuable data.

From recovery of a single document to a lifetime of digital photos, from recovery of one personal email account to an entire hard drive, Digital Forensics Solutions offers corresponding data recovery services. We perform recovery on a variety of different types of media, including:

  • Hard drives (IDE, SCSI, USB)
  • Floppy disks
  • Smart phones
  • Floppy disks / ZIP disks
  • USB keys
  • Compact Flash (CF) cards / Secure Digital (SD) cards
  • Sony memory sticks

Please contact us to directly to discuss your specific needs.

Secure Deletion

When it is time for you or your organization to replace old computers and other digital equipment it is important to ensure that all the data contained on the outgoing hard drives is securely deleted. Whether you donate, discard, resell or surplus your old equipment, it is vital to make certain that all of your information had been erased in a manner that is not recoverable. This is particularly important for financial data or confidential information such as health records, tax documents, mortgages, insurance, personnel records, social security numbers, passwords, credit cards, and any other type of privileged information.

Digital Forensics Solutions employs extensive secure deletion methods to ensure that any data contained on the hard drives we erase is gone for good.