Consulting and Training


To assist our clients in keeping pace with new technology, Digital Forensics Solutions provides comprehensive consulting services in a number of areas including computer security, digital forensics, mobile computing, reverse engineering and custom software development. We specialize in:

Network Architecture and Configuration Assessment

Many networks are ill-prepared to handle attempted intrusions, insider attacks, exfiltration of data, and other serious security threats. A lack of monitoring and logging leaves few clues or activity trails to follow and complicates matters more. This poisonous combination leads to attacks and other breaches that can go undetected for long periods of time.

By working with a client's network engineers and IT staff, Digital Forensics Solutions is able to guide the design of a new network or the restricting of a current network such that the risk of these vulnerabilities is minimized. Our network architecture and configuration assessments analyze the overall design of the network and how it helps or hurts the overall security posture of the company and its data. By obtaining a complete diagram of the network, as well as the configuration of network devices, our security analysts are able to identify weak points that may pose unnecessary risk to the client?s network. We also analyze configurations and security settings of server and desktop machines to ensure that they are at the maximum usable security settings.

Custom Software Development

The field of computer security is rapidly evolving. To remain relevant, Digital Forensics Solutions has to constantly adapt with this new technology to meet the demands of our clients. In some cases no commercially available software is available to meet our analysis and investigation needs. When we encounter these problems we have the expertise to develop custom software solutions.


Digital Forensics Solutions provides customized training on computer security and digital forensics. We can cover the basics in a manner that is accessible for even the most computer-phobic person or provide in-depth technical training designed for skilled developers and IT professionals. Please contact us to discuss scheduling one of the training modules below or how we can develop a training package to meet your specific needs.

Why You Need to Know about Digital Forensics - 1 hour seminar

In the digital age electronic devices are widely used in the home and work environment and therefore often provide critical evidence in a wide variety of civil and criminal lawsuits. Computers, smart phones, printers, faxes, digital cameras, and game systems all store more information than you realize. This short seminar is designed to demystify digital forensics methodology, cover common misconceptions about data storage and deletion and highlight the wealth of information that is possible to recover during an investigation.

Security Awareness Training - 2 hour seminar

If your organization performs work on computers and has access to any personnel or health records, financial data or any proprietary information you need to be aware of your security risks. Last generation computer viruses were content with simply shutting your computer down, current malware is designed to siphon as much valuable data from your computer systems as possible without your knowledge. Learn the essential security practices you need to implement within your organization to protect your computer systems and your data from intrusion.

Secure Development Training

In order for security to be properly integrated into applications and software systems, developers must be aware of potential security risks and how to prevent them. Digital Forensics Solution's secure development training classes teach attendees about the type of vulnerabilities that affect their chosen set of programming languages, the threat these vulnerabilities pose, and how a proper development cycle can reduce the chances of these vulnerabilities arising in production code.

After completing this course, developers will have the knowledge necessary to begin implementing secure algorithms and applications. They will also be able to identify weaknesses within the design of components as they are proposed and implemented. Techniques to securing legacy applications already in production will also be acquired and developers can use this knowledge to reduce the risk existing applications pose to the company or its clients.

Custom Training

Individual or group training sessions can be tailored to your specifications, covering:

  • Traditional Digital Forensics methodology
  • Live Forensics
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Linux
  • Commercial forensics software, including FTK and Encase
  • Open source forensics software
  • Reverse engineering
  • Malware detection